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21 August 2011 @ 07:19 pm
Had a conversation about Twisles and Border Collies with culpeo_fox and alopex_ray this morning, prompting these photos of my own crazy little demon beast, as she chases the water from the hose.

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14 January 2008 @ 05:44 pm
Giving descriptions of my strange dreams seems as good a way as any to start off this journal.

So anyway, last week I had a TRIPLE ENTENTE of strange dreams.  The first two occurred Monday night, and the third Tuesday night. Now, for me, even remembering my dreams is unusual, and having three in two nights is unheard of.

So, Dream #1:

I start out standing in the field near my house, surrounded by what appear to be Amish people who are farming the land. Suddenly, from the forest behind the field, a load of infected (like the kind from 28 Days Later) swarmed out, and began chasing myself and the "Amish" into the garage (It's a separate building from the house). Inside, strangely, there was a village in the rafters, with a retractable ladder leading to it. Paradoxically, the village seemed life size, but at the same time, the garage seemed no bigger than usual. The ladder was withdrawn before I, and some others could ascend, leaving us exposed to the infected. I shouted and screamed at the village to lower the ladder to no avail, but it didn't matter, as the infected never arrived. After, when the threat seemed to have passed, the ladder was finally lowered, allowing me access to the village (the others with me just "ceased to exist"). An Aboriginal chief came to greet me as I ascended. And that's as far as that dream went.

Dream #2 was the most coherent and realistic of the three, but it had a twist.

Nothing really "developed" - the setting and situation never changed. Anyway, I was standing in an empty field, in the prairies - there was nothing but grass as far as I could see - and around me there were holes populated by pikas or some such small rodent, and I was trying to catch and eat them. The twist: I was a coyote.

Dream #3  wins the bizarre award.

I started out in the Saudi Desert, in endless dunes, between three simple three-storie rectangular brick buildings organized in a "U" shape. In the courtyard between them, I was among hundreds of people celebrating something. Then, out of nowhere, terrorists attacked with RPGs (I knew this somehow without actually seeing anything but the rockets) and the rockets slammed into the buildings around me. I was hit a number of times, but when I was hit, the situation briefly turned to one where I was being hit by small fireworks, not RPGs, and would then revert back. During the attack, everyone simply ceased to be there. In a split second, everything went from a chaos of people trying to avoid rockets, to me standing alone in the sand, wondering where the others had gone. Seeing no other options, I ran into the desert, and came to a forest.
 At this time, I felt as though the terrorists were looking for me, adding a sense of urgency to the dream. So I made my way into the forest, and climbed a small hill, where I could observe a village of indigenous people (a strange combination of Native American and Arab) in a valley. I stayed and spied for a while, until my old whitewater guide and highschool teacher Mark showed up. The two of us sneaked into the town, and into one of the shacks. Noting the absence of any inhabitants within the shack, I deduced that they had been "taken" by some malevolent group, like the Thought Police or some such. The hovel was quite modern on the inside, albeit cramped.
We searched the building a little, until Mark knocked something over, which we felt may have alerted this malevolent group to our presence, prompting us to flee from the back exit. We found ourselves at a small ridge, that was slightly too high to climb. This is the point where the entire context abruptly changed.
Now I was behind my own house, even though the ridge remained, (there is no such ridge behind my house), and I was now running from guards of some sort. I had the distinct feeling I was trying to protect someone important up ahead. As the guards closed, I turned to confront them, and proceeded to dispatch them with an SKS rifle that I acquired from no apparent source. After this, an evil, witch like woman appeared, and I had the intuitive feeling that she was somehow the source of my problems, but shortly after her arrival, I awoke.

That's my strange little trilogy.

Also, how does one put text under the "cut" or whatever they do, so that all this text won't fill people's friend's pages next time?
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Funny that I make this thing when I don't really have time to put anything in it.. Exams and all that. I'll
probably add something soon anyway, and procrastinate with what I really should be doing...